This weeks Topic – Birds

This week’s topic is birds.

We will do an introduction lesson, where we can discuss birds in general. We will then have more in depth lessons, covering beaks, feet, colours, camouflage and the different sizes of birds.

Some ideas to do at home:
  • Talk to your children about how important birds are (the provide food, feathers for warmth, pick up food that has been dropped…) and then discuss what we can do for them! Some ideas are to put up a nesting box in your garden, putting out food and water, fruit and vegetables – especially important as winter approaches!)
  • Point out the word BIRD as you see it (if you write it please use only lowercase)
  • Go birdwatching in the park or woods. Print out a list and tick them off as you see them. The RSPB have a great website with lots of ul information. The Wild Challenge looks like lots of fun –
 Please download the link below if you would like to consolidate this work from home (courtesy of
Download worksheet