At Wetherby House Montessori we believe that every child deserves a healthy start in life. Getting the balance right in the early years can have a positive impact on a child’s long-term health and development. This is the time when food preferences are being formed and children are becoming more active in developing likes and dislikes.

We believe that meal times should be social and learning event. Children are encouraged to sit down with their friends quietly to enjoy our food. Good examples of table manners and behaviour are given by a member of staff sitting with small groups of children. Children are encouraged to try new things and learn about healthy eating.

Our menus are nutritionally balanced and designed in conjunction with the Health Authority Guidelines. All our meals are prepared and cooked on the premises by a qualified chef. We include high quality ingredients in our dishes, including seasonal organic fruit and vegetables wherever possible. All dietary and cultural requirements are catered for.

We encourage children to drink water throughout the day. They have milk at snack times and water with meals.

Our weaning programs are followed in line with parent’s wishes and Health Authority Guidelines.

We want to offer you the best possible support, and will work closely with each parent when it comes to your children’s eating and nutritional development.