Sweet-pea Room
(24-36 months)

The children are welcomed into the Sweet Pea Room from two years old. This room is bright, spacious, well equipped and run by a team of Montessori trained staff. The teachers will introduce a full range ofMontessori activities suitable for your child’s development.

In the Sweet Pea Room children will have the freedom to explore the six areas of the Montessori curriculum. Additionally, your child will be able to engage in dramatic role play and creative activities that are incorporated in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The older are encouraged to explore nature and the environment with regular time in the garden.

We understand that diet has a major impact on your child; staff work in partnership with parents to ensure that all dietary requirements are met, and support is given for more discerning eaters. Children are given more responsibility during mealtimes in preparation for their time in the pre-school.