Tulips Room
(24 months plus)

The children are welcomed into the Tulip Room from 24 months and over. The Tulip room is bright, spacious, well equipped and run by a team of well-trained staff. The teachers will introduce a full range of Montessori activities suitable for your child’s development.

In the Tulip Room, children will have the freedom to explore the six areas of the Montessori curriculum. Additionally, your child will be able to engage in dramatic role play and creative activities that are incorporated in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Parents will have access to their child’s learning journey, so they can view their work and achievements. This learning journey will follow the child through the setting and leave with you when you are ready for big school.

The parents will be able to follow their child’s progress by way of consultations with their class teacher. Daily feedback will also be given upon collection.