Registration Form


We understand that parents need to view and fall in love with a setting before making a commitment, so we encourage parents to view the Nursery, ask questions and get a feel for what we are about.

If you would like to join, please complete a registration form and give it to the Manager.

We will then check our registers to determine if a space is available for the sessions requested.

If a space is available, we will offer this to you and ask for payment of the deposit and registration fee. We will then confirm the space as yours and issue a letter of confirmation. We will also send through a copy of the welcome pack, terms and conditions, and policies and procedures.

If a space is not available, we will offer to add your details to our waiting list. We make contact with families on the waiting list as and when there is a change in circumstance.


The fees include the cost of nappies, wet wipes, snacks and meals. Parents are asked to supply formula milk, barrier creams, and suncreams. We are absolutely happy to use any specific brands of nappies, given that the parents supply them.

The setting has access to the Nursery Education Grant (NEG) Funding from the age of 2 years and upwards.

Fee Schedule


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